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Hi-Lo Foods Partners With Boys’ Town To Bolster Development

The Hi-Lo Food Stores is expecting that a partnership with the Boys’ Town Vocational Training Centre will bolster social and academic development as they engage the services of students enrolled in the hospitality programme.

In keeping with their promise of delivering a world-class customer experience, the food store has launched its Taste of the World campaign for the second year. Taste of the World features live cooking demonstrations and sampling of easy-to-prepare meals with international flavours.

“The Hi-Lo brand is one that actively supports all things Jamaican that are aligned with Hi-Lo’s core objectives. Taste of the World shows our consumers how they can use local ingredients to create meals influenced by international cuisine whilst complementing our store brand,” explained Patrique Goodall, marketing officer for Hi-Lo Food Stores.


“By involving the HEART trainees from Boys’ Town in this activity, we are providing them with culinary and customer service experience to help them to establish themselves in the retail and food industries. Boys’ Town has produced excellent certified trainees who have gone on to work in the local and overseas hospitality sector, and we are so pleased to have them be an integral part of Taste of the World.”

Stacy-Ann Williams-Gayle, acting head of section at the Boys’ Town Vocational Training Centre, shared a similar enthusiasm for Taste of the World.

“We were pleased to come on board for Hi-Lo Food Stores’ Taste of the World. It was an excellent opportunity for some of our trainees to develop their culinary skills by trying their hand at different recipes,” she noted.

“They also got the chance to learn how to interact with customers, which helps to improve service delivery. We are excited to be part of this programme and look forward to strengthening the partnership.”


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